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About Me

International Photographer. British and Canadian Dual National. I have lived in USA, Wales, Scotland, England, Taiwan, Russia and Canada.

My skill as a photographer has taken me around the world,

My language and education is what got me there.

From a zoologist researching for a Ph.D. to photographic commissions from multi national corporations, the unifying factor to my success has been a solid foundation in the English language and an ability to comminicate with precision and clarity.

As someone new to the language or, indeed, if you have advanced in your fluency the necessity to engage the right instructor with both the internationalism and cultural awareness that can only come from extensive experience of living abroad, is imperative.

Fifteen years ago I made it a mission to qualify as an ESL instructor and graduated with a University of Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in Moscow, one of the most demanding academic environments and most dynamic ESL markets in the world.

WHY cambridge?


CELTA, the essential TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) qualification that’s trusted by employers, language schools and governments around the globe. Read More.


What separates me from the competition

The key elements that guarantee your language success



Born in the UK, I was educated in the USA and returned to an English Grammar School. My university education began at The University of Wales where I graduated with a B.Sc. (hons) degree in Zoology. I was awarded a post graduate Unilever studentship at University College London to undertake research in the vaccination of fish for the fish farming industry. I concluded my research at The University of Aberdeen and entered The Graduate Enterprise entrepreneur program at The University of Stirling in its inaugural year as one of only a select few candidates. That amounts to 7 schools and 4 universities in 3 countries in 20 years. A very solid academic foundation. My anchor.



The diversity of my unique life experience have empowered my to be a great communicator and this is of immense benefit to my students. I am able to grasp quicky their strengths and weaknesses and devise lesson plans that are both inspiring and compatible with their English needs and cultural background.

I have taught Brazilians, Spaniards, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Japanese, Chinese, Khazakhs, Uzbeks, Russians, Tajiks, Chileans, South Koreans, Taiwanese, Swiss, Mexicans and Dutch.


Without a doubt, the ability to divert instantly to augment a lesson with real life news, anecdotes and personal experience that relates directly to what is being taught, is what makes my lessons memorable. I have a bank of ideas ready to help explain difficult grammar or explain exactly a tricky element of word context and use. Without it lessons would be uninspiring and institutional in their delivery and from my experience learning a language from a teacher who delivers a new language in this way, it is difficult to learn and progress is slow.


Awards and Achievement

I have been trusted to manage and produce entire tourism awareness projects, over 50 institution public art gallery exhibitions, landmark corporate PR exhibitions and presentations and much more. From public speaking and image making to the fine nuances of the English language that result in successful engagements and success, I have what it takes and this translates directly into my abilities to be a successful ESL instructor.


Real Testimonials

Real students, real results, real success.

"Thanks Michael for all your hard work and getting me to where I am with my English today....I could not have done it without you" TNK-BP Senior Executive, Moscow, RF

"Your classes were something I looked forward to" Nycomed Executive, Moscow, RF

"Business English was difficult for me but now I have the confidence I need for our next business trip to the UK, thanks!" Marketing Executive, Moscow

"Thank you for your knowledge and understanding of my people, it really meant something to me" Uigur student, Victoria BC

"Not only did you give me full hours over academic hours, you gave me the essential learning tools I needed as a busy professional with practically no time" CEO (anon.)

"I took a gamble over a traditional buxiban and it was worth every penny" Su-an Chang, Taichung


Peer Validation

When those I admire as professional ESL teachers say good things I am humbled.

"I have worked and collaborated with Mr. Hockney on a number of occasions. He is forthright in his dealings with individuals and an excellent communicator. He poses a great deal of cultural insight and has a vast amount of international experience. He has a keen eye for detail and is a true entrepreneur. I would highly recommend Mr. Hockney as a true processional with a high degree of integrity. "

NINA DOLMAN Consultant – Specialist Global Communication


What I Teach

The essential tools to get you fluent

  • Full Spectrum
    Modern English

    English as a second language From beginners to advanced.

    I base my lessons on Grammar, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing and Listening from Cambridge English Teaching and Cambridge Assessment English as prescribed by The University of Cambridge (UOC) through my CELTA training. As an internationally recognized centre of ESL excellence I choose lessons from UOC textbooks and related publications and supplement them with real life English from mainstream media. I also use British Council language resources and recommended curriculum resources used in Canadian, British and American teaching institutions.

  • Business

    Business English For executives and entrepreneurs.

    I was head hunted in Moscow in 2007 to help develop a business English program in Moscow. As a self made busnessman and entrepreneur my skills in Business English are well developed and I am able to deliver practical Business English tuition for executives and anyone involved in finance or commerce.

  • Full Exam

    Examination preparation IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Advanced (CAE), First (FCE), KEY (KET), BEC and European CEFGet ready and pass..

    I cover in-depth preparation for all common examination platforms eg. IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Advanced (CAE), First (FCE), KEY (KET), BEC and European CEF

Affordable Rates

I match industry standards and give more..

  • 60 minutes

    A full hours Teaching, Not academic hours

    I commit 60 full minutes to a unit of instruction, not 50 or 45. I charge $40 CAD a teaching unit.

  • Save $

    Reduced rates for pre-booked lesson blocks

    I offer 10% off blocks of 10 lessons, 15% for 15-24 lessons to a maximum of 20% for 25 lessons and above.

  • Overseas?

    Zoom lessons

    I undertake online ZOOM lessons with students in Canada and overseas. Lessons are given at set predetermined times. You are given a direct link to enter my classroom after installing the Zoom client app to you computer laptop or phone. To download the zoom app click here.

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